Find Best Walkie Talkie only need 6 steps !

You are looking for the best walkie talkie, but you don’t know how to find  best walkie talkie Yet ? Pls don’t worry, 6 steps help u find the best walkie talkie !

Step 1 to find best walkie talkie : Usage scenario

Different work scene decides to use special walkie talkie function . Used for your kids, pls choose bright-colorful kids walkie talkie . Used for sea, pls choose waterproof function walkie talkie . Used for hunting,pls choose large battery capcity. Used for group cooperation,pls choose digital radio.

Step 2 to find best walkie talkie : Frequencies

After confirm your work scene, pls choose frequency .

UHF or VHF ?

UHF radios will never be able to communicate with VHF radios! So once u choose wrong frequency , u will loss much money and delay your work. If you already
have radios and are looking to purchase additional units to use with
them, be sure to select the same band.Pls remember , UHF to UHF ,VHF to VHF !

UHF radios

(Ultra High Frequency) operate on frequencies from 400 to 512 Megahertz (MHz). UHF radios work best for most two-way radio users because the waves are shorter and can get around or penetrate areas of interference found in buildings, thickly wooded or hilly areas and urban outdoor settings. UHF walkie-talkies with a good-sized antenna and enough power
will reach further into a building and push through and around steel, concrete, wood and earth. If your two-way radios are going to be used exclusively indoors or if they’ll need to go indoors and outdoors, UHF is hands down your best choice.

VHF radios

(Very High Frequency) operate between 136-174 MHz. The advantage to a VHF walkie-talkie is that it can cover more distance with less power because VHF waves are longer and remain closer to the ground. VHF radios  work best when there’s a clear line-of-sight between the sender and the receiver with little obstruction. VHF radios are used exclusively in aviation and marine communications where signals are sent across open bodies of water or between the sky and the ground. VHF band walkie-talkies are also great for open fields, golf courses, landscaping and for outdoor security situations with few obstacles.

Step 3 to find best walkie talkie : Distance range

Distance range is an important factor when u choose suitable walkie talkie . Not all of these two-way radios live up to their walkie talkie range claims, however, as many things can affect actual range, including radio interference, cars, trees, rocks, buildings or concrete. U need to tell seller the distance range u need and your work scene ,and then ,they will rule out other possibilities and help u find the best walkie talkie .

Step 4 to find best walkie talkie : Power

Usually, a higher power allows for greater range and commands a higher price. Typically, a 1 Watt walkie-talkie with an average number of obstructions in its
path yields about a mile of coverage. Range increases by approximately
30-50% if you double power. So, a 2 Watt walkie-talkie might broadcast
within a range of 1.5 miles. 3 watts = 2 miles. 4 watts = 2.5 miles. 5
watts = 3 miles. Actual distances may vary widely based on weather, UHF
vs. VHF, etc. But these are good, general rules of thumb. For some special work ,such as car race , Authority party will have the strict requirements for walkie talkie power. At this time, u need to choose right power to avoid something trouble.

Step 5 to find best walkie talkie : Price

As a buyer , price always a matter of concern, Usually,The influencing factors of the price is walkie talkie Brand,Quality, Function, Accessories ,Hardware facilities and other factors.If u just need a general walkie talkie for outsaide with your friends, just choose a cost-effective walkie talkie without much functions but have good distance range.

Step 6 to find best walkie talkie : Charger type.

If u do follow the above 5 steps , i think u have decided a suitable walkie talkie for your self , but pls don’t forget the last step :choose charger type, Usually, Used for US local ,pls choose 110V US charger. Used for UK local ,pls choose 220V UK charger. Used for AUlocal ,pls choose 220V AU charger. Used for CA local ,pls choose 110V US charger…